Civil Litigation


Choosing your attorney is the single most important thing you will do when facing a lawsuit, regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. Your attorney is your partner in the legal process and will be beside you for the months and years ahead. Changing attorneys mid-stream can be costly and messy so it is crucial that you get the right person from the start.

Civil litigation is difficult and stressful for clients. They are often fail to anticipate the financial and emotion burden that comes with it, even when they are in the right. Part of your attorney’s job is to help prepare you for the road ahead and ensure that surprises are kept to a minimum.

Your attorney should provide you a roadmap for your case while also helping you weigh the risks and benefits of moving forward. The best attorneys for this type of advice are those that have experience being involved from the moment a client walks in the door until the time a judge or jury renders a verdict.

You also want an attorney who is effective and mindful of your budget. Litigation expenses can quickly balloon out of control and lead you to a weakened position where you have no other choice but to settle. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to attrition, select an attorney that is focused on winning without engaging in costly and unnecessary battles.

Jerimy Kirschner & Associates is a multi-jurisdiction firm with extensive experience in business, guardianship, fiduciary and bankruptcy litigation. They have engaged in litigation ranging from simple matters with a few thousand dollars in dispute to complex cases stretching across multiple years and with millions of dollars in contention. Regardless of your needs, Jerimy Kirschner & Associates can tailor a strategy to fit your budget and your needs while giving you aggressive and effective representation. Call today to set an appointment.