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Real estate transactions and legal matters have become a highly complex area of law. Many local and state laws govern the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial property. Beyond this, complicated state and federal laws govern the financing of real estate transactions. When involved in a real estate transaction or in other legal matters connected with real property, your case may revolve around one of the biggest investments you will make. Ensuring that your transaction, dispute, or other matter is handled effectively and expeditiously should be a top priority.

At Jerimy Kirschner & Associates, you can work with attorneys experienced in all aspects of real estate law, from purchases to leases to disputes between property owners and more. Our firm brings over a decade of experience advising, resolving, and litigating civil matters involving real property. We are well-versed in the laws and procedures governing this area and are here to protect your financial interests, property rights, and whatever else may be at stake in any real estate issue.

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Legal Issues Involving Real Property

Many circumstances can arise when it is in your best interests to retain the services of a real estate lawyer. Issues and disputes can develop between parties involved in any kind of relationship pertaining to real property. Our firm handles all issues relevant to real estate. These issues can involve buyers, sellers, developers, loan agents, real estate agents, brokers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and neighbors.

The types of issues for which you may need the oversight or representation of one of our Bellevue real estate attorneys can include but are not limited to:

  • The review or preparation of purchase/sale contracts, loan documents, title reports, transfer documents, and any other documents related to the sale of property
  • Attendance at the closing of a real estate purchase or sale to ensure it is being done in your best interests
  • Research into such matters as property lines, easements, title, and other aspects of the property and/or your rights in regard to it
  • The review or preparation of residential or commercial leases
  • Tax planning in regard to residential and commercial property
  • Handling disputes between neighbors
  • Handling disputes between property owners and contractors, architects, or others hired to perform a service on or for the property
  • Handling disputes between property buyers or sellers with brokers, real estate agents, or other parties involved in the transaction
  • Providing advice on environmental issues, zoning matters, land use, and more
  • Ensuring that a property is represented correctly and that any purchase would be in your best interests

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer In Bellevue?

Having a real estate lawyer to help you with real estate matters can work wonders.

A real estate attorney can help you in the following ways:

  • Negotiation: Your attorney will have the skills required to effectively negotiate in place with you.
  • Guidance: Your attorney will be there to provide you with important legal information necessary to ensure that you are on the right track regarding your real estate matters.
  • Reassurance: With a legal expert by your side, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of correctly and promptly.
  • Paperwork: Your lawyer will be responsible for helping you create, draft and conclude a variety of different contracts (depending on what you need help with).

We have helped numerous individuals with a variety of real estate matters. Don't go through real estate matters without professional help. Contact our attorneys today for an initial consultation, and for more information regarding the many benefits that come with hiring a real estate lawyer in Bellevue.

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Real estate issues can be complicated and, as an individual or business involved in such issues, you will likely come across matters that require legal insight and experience. Jerimy Kirschner & Associates, PLLC is committed to being a stable legal presence in the greater Bellevue area for individuals, families, and businesses. We take pride in providing strong advocacy in all real estate matters combining big-firm skill with smaller firm personalized service.

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Recent Case Victories
  • Justice Sought for Vulnerable Individual In the Matter of the Guardianship of Giulian Grasso

    Mr. Kirschner and his co-counsel were successful in uncovering exploitation and misuse of the ward’s funds by the ward’s father which resulted in the father being charged and sentenced for exploitation of a vulnerable person.

  • Millennium Drilling Company v. Beverly Myers, et. al.
    Judgment Successfully Overturned Millennium Drilling Company v. Beverly Myers, et. al.

    Mr. Kirschner and the appellate team were successful in overturning the judgment rendered by the jury and having a judgment entered in his client’s favor.

  • John Lynch and Kellie Fuhr Family Trust, et, al. v. Tyche Entertainment, LLC
    Award Obtained for Client John Lynch and Kellie Fuhr Family Trust, et, al. v. Tyche Entertainment, LLC

    Mr. Kirschner brought a successful suit by members of the LLC to have a receiver appointed over Tyche Entertainment, LLC and dissolution. At trial, Mr. Kirschner was successful in showing over one million dollars in improper transfer to managers and obtained an award for his client.

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