Jerimy is master of analytical thinking, and aggressive when he needs to be. Jerimy very much cares about his clients
- LaDonna

Having hired numerous lawyers over the years...I can confidently say that Jerimy is one of the most competent and ethical lawyers I’ve experienced.
- Kelly

An Attorney Who Focuses on You

Attorney Jerimy Kirschner has offices in Las Vegas and Tacoma where he practices in the areas of civil litigation, bankruptcy, trusts, and corporate litigation. Mr. Kirschner has been involved in a wide range of cases stretching from complex, multi-million-dollar litigation all the way to smaller family affairs involving guardianships.

Mr. Kirschner has years of experience in nearly every facet of civil litigation, including the development of complex case strategy, filing motions, taking depositions, conducting discovery, evidentiary hearings, settlement negotiations, jury trials, bench trials, and appeals.

In every case he works, Mr. Kirschner focuses on identifying client goals early on and making sure the client stays involved at every step of the process. Part and parcel of this is approach developing a strategy around the client’s budget. Litigation can get expensive quickly, and it takes experience to navigate away from unproductive battles and time sinks.

Mr. Kirschner strives to be effective for the client in every matter, regardless of the amount in dispute. Every court filing, appearance, and telephone call should be focused on meeting client goals and ensuring that the matter is resolved in a matter that benefits the client. This may involve exploring conventional methods for relief, such as a lawsuit, and unconventional methods, such as out of court mediation.

Mr. Kirschner graduated from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas William S. Boyd School of Law and has been in private practice since 2010. Mr. Kirschner’s practice areas include civil litigation, bankruptcy litigation, fiduciary litigation, and general practice.